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Discord Stickerbook
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We are the oldest Discord Stickers meta community, documenting the old sticker-shop, emojis, and a chill hang-out spot!

We are a community dedicated to designing stickers for your use! We also have a record of Stickers sold on the old Discord Stickershop! Find exclusive stickers, check our records to see about old sticker packs to keep an eye out for, and chat with other hype Discord users!

✨ - Large selection of unique emotes
We have artists on-call for making emotes & stickers in this server, providing one of a kind emoji!

πŸ“œ - The oldest known Discord stickers meta community
Our server was made Dec 16th, 2020 in the beta testing phase of Discord stickers. We have all the records from the original Discord Sticker-shop about packs that are no longer available, with samples for you to see yourself!

πŸ“– - Friendly community, clear rules
The community is here to chat, and we respect you! Questions are always welcomed, staff are held to our server rules, and you will know what is permitted clearly via our information channels!

πŸ’™ - Privacy and Security Balanced
Instead of verifying with your personal socials, solve a simple captcha to see the server!

Welcome toΒ Discord Stickerbook!
Staff Team πŸ™‚

We get that everyone wants to have fun, so to ensure this happens we have a few rules for our members to follow! 😎

We as a server follow Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. You are also required to follow them

(1) πŸ“œ Follow our rules, but also use common sense!
Treat all users with respect, and treat everyone how you expect to be treated. This includes both users and staff. Do not ping users needlessly or excessively, and properly label spoilers using Spoiler: ||this message is a spoiler||


(2) πŸ”­ Realize that these rules are meant to give an overview, not be a complete list of Do & Do nots. They are subject to moderator discretion, and violation of the ideas behind them via loopholes does not remove your responsibility.


(3) βœ… This server is PG-13. That means no adult content, or anything considered NSFW. If you have to ask whether something is NSFW, then it is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to porn, gore, suggestive words, usernames, and profile pictures.

β €β €β € ↳ This also includes staying clear of controversial topics, meaning no inappropriate usernames, nicknames, avatars, linked accounts, playing status, political views, attention seeking names, slurs, or any other offensive material.


(4) πŸ—£οΈ Keep things on topic in related channels! If conversation moves towards another channel topic, move it there.


(5) πŸ’¬ In order for clear communication, this server is English only. While this refers to language, English also means readable text that others would consider normal. Abnormal text usernames, nicknames, avatars, linked accounts, playing status), zalgo, blank names, block letters, unusual unicode, and overly lengthy usernames are not allowed. While emotes are allowed and fun, please keep them minimal!


(6) 🚫 No advertising in this server or DMs to our server members. In addition, please do not give your personal information out or ask others to give their information to you.


(7) πŸ›‘ Do not spam, threaten to dox, hack, or do anything here that threatens the safety of our users, or undermines others ability to experience this community.